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fire extinguisher service jacksonville flWelcome to Aegis Fire & Integrated Services Blog. We serve our clients by providing peace of mind through our comprehensive fire protection services. We strive to create innovative and effective fire safety approaches to protect your business, property and your loved ones. From system design, fabrication, installation, service, inspections, and more, we help our clients enhance their overall fire safety plan. Check below to learn more in-depth about the services that we offer.

  • Fire Sprinklers

We inspect and maintain fire sprinklers to ensure they are fully functioning at all times. We offer backflow preventer installations and inspections. Whether you have a wet, dry, pre-action or deluge sprinkler system, our skilled and licensed inspectors are capable of working with all types.

  • Fire Extinguishers

Our fire extinguisher service in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas helps to ensure your extinguishers are working properly and are updated to the safest standards.  We offer pre-engineered fire suppression system installations and more.

  • Fire Alarms

We offer a wide variety of products and services that are aimed to enhance your overall safety and awareness. We provide fire alarm system installations and testing.

  • Fire System Backflow

Look to our company to help ensure contaminated water does not backflow into your municipal water or potable water source..

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