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Fire System Backflow

fire protection companies in floridaWhen it comes to fire protection companies in Florida, it is vital to look to AEGIS Fire and Integrated Services, LLC for a wide range of trusted products and services that are superior to others. We help our commercial clients improve their approach to fire safety through our extensive experience in the industry and our comprehensive and innovative services.

We offer our clients fire system backflow preventers to ensure their sprinkler system does not allow contaminated water to flow back into the municipal water line. If there is a loss of pressure in the municipal water line, you may experience polluted water that can be unsafe to consume. We strive to provide affordable fire system backflow valves that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Below we discuss what we provide for our fire system backflow services.

  • We are TREEO certified, fully licensed, and have a qualified staff of inspectors and trained service technicians ready to provide customized solutions.
  • Our team offers inspections, testing’s, maintenance, and repairs for all valve sizes, types, and manufacturers.
  • We provide sales engineering and support for new facilities.
  • We are a contractor 1 system service provider.
  • Our company offers 24/7 emergency service, and a GPS dispatched service fleet.

If you are interested in learning more about our fire protection services, contact us today at (904) 215-9669.

What to Expect During an AEGIS Fire Extinguisher Inspection

fire protection companies in floridaAt Aegis Fire and Integrated Services, we are proud to offer a dynamic selection of fire protection products and services to best serve our clients. As a fully licensed fire equipment dealer, we understand what your company needs to protect you and anyone visiting in the event of a fire. The National Fire Association (NFPA) requires your fire extinguishers to be inspected, tested, and tagged annually. Below we discuss what you can expect during a fire extinguisher inspection.

  • Our team will ensure every extinguisher is visible while not being blocked by any objects.
  • We will check your label on your fire extinguisher to ensure it is the best fit for your business. If it is not the correct extinguisher, our technician will help you find a safe alternative.
  • Our inspection will include us checking to see if there is a portable extinguisher on every level of your company at points of egress and within a 75 foot range.
  • We will ensure an appropriate extinguisher is located within 30 feet of your commercial kitchen or restaurant.
  • Our team will assure your extinguisher is at proper weight, the pressure dial readable and at full charge.
  • We ensure your fire extinguisher hose is undamaged, the pull pin is secure, and the tamper seal is intact.
  • We will check to see if there is any damage that needs immediate repairs or maintenance is required due to age.

And we will record all this on our exclusive on-line records system, ReportNET, powered by Building Reports to give you real-time access to your data.

When looking for fire protection companies in Florida, seek the professionals at Aegis Fire and Integrated Services. Contact us today at (904) 215-9669 to schedule a fire extinguisher inspection.