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Fire Prevention Tips at Home

fire alarm companies in jacksonville flfire alarm companies in jacksonville flAt Aegis Fire & Integrated Services, we strive to offer our clients peace of mind with our dedicated fire protection services. We provide industrial and commercial fire safety services. Whether you are seeking fire alarm companies in Jacksonville, FL or a company to install upgraded fire sprinklers or extinguishing/suppression systems, our licensed technicians and inspectors can get the job done.

Below we provide helpful fire prevention tips to follow at home:

  • It is vital to have fire alarms installed on every floor and in every room of your home. We suggest changing the batteries at least once a year.
  • Keep flammable objects away from your stove and furnace.
  • Don’t use cords that have frayed wiring.
  • Remember to blow out your candles when leaving home or before you go to sleep.
  • Only use space heaters when you are in the room and awake.
  • Dryers can be a fire hazard—ensure you always clean out the lint trap after every use.
  • Place lighters and matches in safe areas away from your children.
  • Grilling and deep frying should always be done outdoors, at least ten feet away from your home-and should you ever have a grease fire, NEVER try to extinguish it with water. Always use a dry chemical A-B-C extinguisher or some other means to snuff out the oxygen source to the fire.

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