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How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

commercial fire sprinkler system jacksonville flFire sprinklers are an effective fire safety tool used to protect your property and peers from fire damage and possibly death. AEGIS Fire and Integrated Services, LLC is a fully licensed fire equipment dealer that offers a wide array of fire protection services to help protect your commercial property. Many buildings include fire sprinklers, but many people do not fully understand how they operate. Below we help answer your questions about our commercial fire sprinklers.

  • Fire sprinklers do not detect smoke but instead, are triggered by heat when it rises to the ceilings during a fire. Many sprinklers contain a glycerin-based liquid bulb that is located in the sprinkler head, and when heat causes the liquid to expand, the bulb breaks and ignites the sprinkler.
  • When a fire sprinkler is triggered, the sprinkler is attached to a water pipe that typically is outside the building and opens a valve, letting water flow into the building. The water is pressurized to help saturate the fire effectively and thoroughly.
  • Fire sprinklers act independently of each other to help douse the fire while limiting water damage to the affected area only.

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