Fire Protection Companies in Florida- Services


Fire Extinguishers: Ensure your business is prepared for anything with extinguishers installed and maintained by a team you can trust.

Alarm & Monitoring: In the event of the unexpected, you can always rely on AEGIS Fire and integrated Services LLC products for a quick response.

Sprinkler Systems: Your fire suppression systems stay ready to work at a moment’s notice with regular care from our company’s capable technicians.

Fire System Backflow Preventers: Enjoy additional peace of mind with a backflow preventer that protects your community’s municipal water line.

When looking for reliable fire protection companies in Florida, seek the professionals at AEGIS Fire and Integrated Services. We strive to provide our clients the peace of mind they deserve by offering innovative fire and safety systems that protect their properties from harm. We offer an extensive list of fire safety services including fire extinguishers, alarms and monitoring, sprinklers systems, fire system backflow preventers, and more. When it comes to protecting your property and belongings from fire damage, you should rely on a company that you can trust.

We are continuously improving our services and products to ensure you receive nothing but the best. Whether you are seeking a fire extinguisher service in Jacksonville, FL or you need fire alarm testing in Savannah, GA, look to our company for competitive prices and quality customer service. Contact us today at (904) 215-9669 to learn more about the products that we offer. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.