Fire Safety Tips for Summer: Part 2

fire alarm testing gainesville flIn a previous blog post, we discussed the risk for commercial fires during the summer months due to the many components that contribute to fires. At AEGIS Fire and Integrated Services, we offer fire safety products that help keep your assets and employees safe in the workplace. Whether you are grilling out and lighting sparklers for team bonding, or you are lowering your indoor temperatures causing your HVAC system to overwork, many simple things can contribute to a property fire. Below we offer additional fire safety tips to follow this summer to keep your company fire-free.

  • Celebrating is important in a company and what better way to celebrate your success than with beautiful fireworks? Although sparklers may seem low risk at many company events, it is important to have a sand bucket nearby to place all used and lit fireworks to ensure the flame is out. It is also important to not re-light fireworks that do not properly work the first time.
  • We recommend testing your fire alarms twice a year to ensure they are safe and working. We recommend testing your alarms in the summer and winter months.

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