Fire Safety Tips for Summer: Part 1

fire alarm testing gainesville flNow that summer is in full swing, your company may be susceptible to a higher risk for commercial fires due to the countless components that can contribute to fire damage. From excessive HVAC usage to keep up with soaring temperatures to company cookouts for team bonding, AEGIS Fire and Integrated Services is here to help keep your assets and employees safe in the workplace. Below we offer fire safety tips to follow this summer to help keep your business safe and fire free.

  • HVAC Maintenance

Due to the increased temperatures, having your HVAC system overrun or overheat can enhance your risk for a property fire. It is important to keep your capacitors and electrical components free of dust to also decrease your chance of a fire. We recommend regular HVAC maintenance services to keep your systems safe.

  • Grill Safety

Having a company cookout is a great way to bond with your employees but increases your chance of a summer fire. It is vital to keep your grill a safe distance away from your building and far from any trees with low branches. It is also important to regularly remove all grease after you grill.

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