e-Shield Advantage


  • Single source capability for all your Fire Safety responsibilities
  • e-Shield easy-access on-line reports
  • Multi-discipline Fire Safety licenses
  • Design/Build installations, sprinkler and alarm inspection, fire extinguisher recharge and replacement
  • Discounts for multiple services
  • Discounts for remediation labor
  • FREE OSHA required fire training
  • (CFR Title 29,Part 1910, Sec. 157 g.1,2)


AEGIS e-Shield

Verifiable Results

Our innovative digital technology is easy-to-use and features unprecedented accessibility. Designed to use standard Internet browsers, ScanSeries users can access reports online, 24/7 from any location for flexible property management. ScanSeries operates on standard hand-held mobile computers enabling inspectors to easily scan bar coded devices and upload results to a secure, online account. Data is instantly retrievable from a detailed database that can deliver up-to-date reports on demand.

BuildingReports’ Third Party Verification process ensures compliance as your inspection results are reviewed for certification providing verifiable results you can trust.

Intelligent Reporting

Our intelligent reporting system provides comprehensive data and statistical analysis on every device inspected. Data can be compared to past inspections within your online database. Unique bar code registration records inspectors’ progress in real time during the inspection, preventing missed items, and facilitating fast action on repairs. Inspection reports are ready immediately online to authorized users only.

Reliable Security

BuildingReports guarantees the security of your data with vigorously protected servers, multiple daily backups, and off-site data archiving. While your data resides on BuildingReports’ servers, be assured it belongs only to you. Now you can have confidence in the security and integrity of your information.

Your Total Inspection Solution

BuildingReports’ comprehensive inspection solution delivers cost-effective, streamlined inspections and convenient online reports. Industry experience, web-based technology, and a range of products and services make BuildingReports an outstanding total compliance solution.


Extinguisher Scan | Aegis FIS
ExtinguisherScan enables inspectors to create detailed inspection reports for portable fire extinguishers, lighting and personal protective equipment in any facility. It assists in managing future maintenance and tracking extinguishers that are taken off site for repairs.

ExtinguisherScan Devices:

Access Hatch, Batteries, Breathing Apparatus, Breathing Cylinder, Cabinets, Canister, Cylinder, Cartridge, Cartridge Extinguisher, Clothing, Cooking Equipment, Defibrillator, Exit Sign, Emergency Light, Emergency Power System, Eye Wash Station, Eye Protection, Extinguisher Cabinet, Fire Blanket, Fire Damper, Fire Door, Fire Hose, Fire Hose Cabinet, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Protection, First Aid, Hearing Protection, Lockout, Personal Protection, Personal Gas Monitor, Respirators, Range Hood, Range Suppression, Shower Station, Special System, Spill Control, Standby Power Supply, Storage Container, Stretcher, Tagout, Toggle Panel, Toggle Switch, Transfer Switch, Vehicle, Wheeled Unit

FireScan | Aegis FIS Advantage


The FireScan application allows for comprehensive data collection during a fire inspection for control equipment, auxiliary functions, initiating devices, monitoring equipment and notification appliances. A unique smoke sensitivity database permits inspectors to compare testing results with manufacturer’s sensitivity ranges.

FireScan Devices:

Air Pressure Switch, Alarm Device, Annunciator, Aspirating Detector, Batteries, Beam Detector, Bell, Building Automation, Carbon Dioxide System, Chemical System, Chime, Chime/Strobe, Clean Agent System, CO Detector, Communication Line, Communicator, Control Panel, Damper, Damper Control, Disconnect, Door Smoke Detector, Duct Detector. Elevator Recall, End of Line, Emergency Light, Emergency Power Off, Exit Light, Expander Panel, Fan Running, Fan Shutdown, Fan Start, Fault Isolation Module, Fire Barrier, Fire Pump Auto, Fire, Pump Power, Fire Pump Running, Fire Pump Trouble, Flame Detector, Foam System, Gas Detector, Gas Shutdown, Generator Auto, Generator Running, Generator Trouble, Handset, Heat Detector, Horn, Horn/Strobe, Initiating Device, Kitchen Hood System, Lighting Control, Locking Device, Low Fuel, Low Temperature, Low Water, Monitor Device, Monitoring, No Entry Sign, Phone Jack, Phone Station, Power Loss, Power Supply, Preaction Signal, Preaction System, Printer, Programmable Relay, Pull Station, Releasing Device, Roll Down Door, Smoke Detector, Sound Shutdown, Sound Test, Speaker, Speaker/Strobe, Special Control, Stairwell Exit, Supervisory Device, Supervisory Valve, Tamper Switch, Voice Evacuation, Water Mist System, Water Pressure Switch, Waterflow Switch



The SecurityScan application allows inspectors to collect accurate and detailed inspection data for security systems, access control, CCTV and nurse call stations.

SecurityScan Devices:

Access Sensor, Air Monitor, Annunciator, Audible, Auxiliary Station, Badger, Barrier, Batteries, Bath Station, Bed Exit, Biometric, Biohazard, Breathing Apparatus, Breathalyzer, Button, Camera, Central Station Receiver, Client, Clothing, Code Blue, Communicator, Console, Controller, Control Panel, Defi brillator, Detector, Door, Door Contact, Dome Light, Duty Station, DVR, Electric Lock, Electric Strike, Emergency Call, Enclosure, Entrance, Exit, Exit Device, Fall Protection, First Aid, Footwear, Gate, Gas Mask, Gate Operators, Intercom, Interface, IV Pump, Keypad, Keyswitch, Magnetic Lock, Mantrap, Media, Monitor, Motion Sensor, Multiplexer, Nurse Console, Parking, Patient Monitor, Power Supply, Pressure Mat, Printer, PTX Unit, Radio, Reader, Receiver, Router, Request to Exit, Restraint Device, Respirator, Shower Station, Seismic Sensor, Sensor, Staff Station, Staff Assist Station, Standalone Lockset, Storage, Switch, Switcher, Telephone, Telephone Entry, Transmitter, Turnstile, VCR, Video Console, Video Monitor, Vehicle, Vehicle Sensor, Vest, Visual, Weapon, Window Contract


The SprinklerScan application allows inspectors to easily test and collect inspection data for Sprinkler systems and water-based fire protection systems in any environment. SprinklerScan also permits inspectors to create a graph to document pump flow measurements.
SprinklerScan | Aegis FIS e-Shield Advantage

SpinklerScan Devices:

Alarm Valve, Air Compressor, Air Maintenance Device, Antifreeze System, Backflow Prevention, Batteries, Check Valve, Controller, Control Valve, Deluge Valve, Dry Pipe Valve, Drain, Diesel Driver, Dry Sprinkler, Electrical Driver, Excess Pressure Pump, Extended Coverage, Fire Department Connection, Fire Hydrant, Fire Pump Off, Fire Pump Phase Reversal, Fire Pump Power, Fire Pump Running, Fire Pump Trouble, Fire Pump Gauge, Fire Hose, Gauge, Gear Controlled Nozzle, Generators, Hose Connection, Hose Nozzle, Hose Storage, Heating System, Hydraulic Driver, Inspector’s Test, Isolation Valve, Jockey Controller, Jockey Pump, Level Alarm, Monitor Nozzle, Natural Gas Driver, Piping, Pressure Switch, Pressure Regulating Valve, Post Indicator Valve, Preaction Valve, Proportioner, Pump, Quick Opening Device, Residential Sprinkler, Spray Nozzle, Sprinkler Nozzle, Special Sprinkler, Sprinkler Box, Sprinkler Box Spares, Standard Nozzle, Standard Response, Steam Driver, Storage Sprinkler, Tamper Switch, Temperature Alarm, Water Flow Switch, Water Motor Gong, Water Storage Tank, Wrenches

SuppressionScan | Aegis FIS


SuppressionScan enables inspectors to scan and record detailed data for the most critical hazards in any building including data for gas detection and kitchen hood systems.

SuppressionScan Devices:

Abort Station, Actuator, Agent Tank, Annunciator, As-Builts, Aspirating Detector, Batteries, Beacon, Beam Detector, Bell, Carbon Dioxide System, Chemical System, Chime, Chime/Strobe, Clean Agent System, CO Detector, CO2 Tank, Communicator, Computer, Control Panel, Deluge System, Detector, Discharge Device, Disconnect, Duct Detector, Dump Switch, Emergency Light, Emergency Power Off, End of Line, Expander Panel, Explosion Protection, Fan Shutdown, Fan Start, Fault Isolation Module, Fire Barrier, Flame Detector, Foam System, Fusible Link, Gas Detection System, Gas Detector, Generator, Halon System, Heat Detector, Horn, Horn/Strobes, Hose, Interlock, Kitchen System, Leak Detector, Level Alarm, Lockout, Logbook, Low Fuel, Low Water, Main Reserve Switch, Manual Station, Messaging, Module, Moisture Detector, Moisture/Leak System, Monitoring Device, Operating Device, Piping, Power Supply, Preaction System, Pressure Detector, Pressure Switch, Pressurization, Printer, Pull Station, Relay, Releasing Device, Signage, Signal, Siren, Smoke Detector, Speaker, Speaker/Strobe, Special Control, Strobe, Supervisory Device, Tamper Switch, Temperature Alarm, Valve, Video Detector, Water Mist System, Waterflow Switch